Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music Memories

Lately there have been a lot of reminders about my favorite era of music and the memories from that time. First, a new radio station has come to town. HANK, 96.1 plays country legends from the 1960's, '70's and '80's. Ahh,,,,back when I was cool! I can sing along on almost every single song - and, yes, I do still remember the lyrics!

Secondly, For Crying in the Mud posted about musical memories and what they mean to her. Then today The Pioneer Woman posted a giveaway on her blog asking for your prom memories and what music you danced to. Wow! What memories that brought back.

That was back in 1977 and prom was a mix of soft rock and the beginnings of disco. We danced to the Bee Gee's, ELO, Jennifer Warnes, the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

"Looks Like We Made It" by Barry Manilow was more or less the unofficial theme of our graduation. Another hot group was KC and the Sunshine Band. "That's the Way I Like It". The day after graduation we (my girl scout troop) headed for Daytona Beach on our annual trip (yes, we were a very cool troop!). That song was on every single radio station over and over again. We were about to the TN-GA state line and our leader turned the radio off and said, "no more!" So of course we sang it - over and over again. All week.

That fall I started college and Peter Frampton was very hot. Margaritaville was also a top song that year and very popular with the college crowd. That's all I have to say about that, but needless to say it was sung long and loud on several occasion on campus!

Of course, I was always a little more country, so I was happy listening to Rita Coolidge, Mary MacGregor, and Kenny Rogers. However, the very cute guy that I was dating took me to see Kansas, and AC/DC. Tickets were like $15 each and I remember complaining about having to spend $18 to see KISS. I later paid $21 to see them a second time in Lexington.

1977 was also the year John Travolta graduated from Vinnie Barbarino to Saturday Night Fever, Elvis died, Apple was incorporated, Lynyrd Skynyrd looses three members in a plane crash, and the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, KY burns, killing 165 people. It was also the year I graduated high school, watched Star Wars six times in four months, and fell in love for the first time.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cars and Kids

In my younger days, I was accused (more than once) of being a red neck. I guess I was. I knew what my engine looked like and what most of the parts did. I could change a flat tire and change my oil. I had a very cool car - a 1976 Oldsmobile Starfire that I maintained mostly by myself (well, sometimes Jessi helped).

In the 1980's I purchased a 1950 GMC truck. It was my dream to restore the body, put it on big tires, and a 6" lift. Yes, I would need to use the running boards to actually get in the cab, but it would be so cool...I sold it to take my daughter to Disney World. Still in the same condition I got it in. So much for dreams. Well, sort of....

Flash forward to 2010. My son buys a 1984 Chevrolet that he promised to sell before he leaves for college. The first thing he does is put in a 4" lift kit so the 33" swamper tires clear the body. I need a ladder to get in it. This is what you call living your dreams through your children.....When he goes to college, I'm driving it! (can't you see me at the grocery in this??)

(That's a hook hanging off the bumper - off a crane - but that's a blog for another day. )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daddy's Hands

I love hands. Hands are always the first thing I notice about people.

I remember my grandfather's hands. They were always tanned from working outside and usually had a cut or two on them. He had long, thin fingers that could do any job. My grandfather was a very hard worker who used his hands to help many people - mostly people who just needed a hand up. And they always had time to hug a grandchild.

My Dad's hands are thick with stubby fingers. They have worked on farms for many years. Even his "regular" jobs involved farmers. He spent 8 years in Brazil teaching them to grow burley tobacco. When he got back to Kentucky he sold insurance mostly to farmers and he worked our farm between sales. I remember Daddy's trembling hands when my grandfather died. I remember Daddy's trembling hands holding my daughter for the first time.

My husband's hands are slim and strong with more than one callus. They've been mashed, cut, and bruised over the years, but they were always ready to reach out to his children. They're very soft as they hold his grandchildren and always ready to pick a flower or build a playhouse.

A friend of mine lost her father this week. It was a sudden and tragic accident that makes the loss that much quicker and painful. There was no time for good-bye. Right now there is hurt and loss, but there is still the memory how much love was in daddy's hands.