Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 10 Summer Loves

I'm stealing this from my friend Tessa. Here are my favorite things about summer - in no particular order.

1. No snow! I really love waking up to a white covered world, but by the time I'm ready to leave the house I want it gone, gone, gone!

2. My pond. I love to get out of the car and be greeted by the sound of babbling water. I love to look into the water and see the different designs and shapes resting on the bottom of my little pool (this is assuming that the water is clear enough to see the bottom). I love the plants around the edge and the way that some of them dip into the water. I love the fact that we have "accidentally" purchased another small pump, so that I can now create a waterfall or maybe another fountain.

3. Daylight. It's so depressing to get home from work and have to turn the light on in the house. Summertime is when I can really save on my electric bill by not turning on lights until it's almost time for bed. Oh, wait! The electric bill is not smaller because it's also time for....

4. Air Conditioning! Let me just say that personally summer should not be allowed to start without air conditioning being in place. I love, love, love my air conditioning!!!

5. Flowers. It's so nice to see color in the yards and along the road. Someday I will be able to grow my own flower gardens, but for now I just enjoy looking at everyone else's. (Who are we kidding?!?!? My green thumb never grew up and I will never be able to keep a plant alive, let alone make it flourish. I am doomed to have only weeds and mint (which no one can kill as it slowly takes over).

6. Cookouts. First of all it means that someone else (Jerry) does the cooking. There is also very little clean-up. I'm all about the cookout - of course it would be even better if there was air conditioning outside.

7. No school. This used to mean that I didn't have to get up to make sure my children got to school. Now it means the grandchildren can stay all night whenever they want to.

8. Holidays. Maybe it's just my imagination, but there seems to be more holidays in the summer. Days I don't have to go to work and can sleep in, spend the day doing what I want-when I want.

9. Lightening bugs. Nothing makes me feel as safe and happy as lightening bugs. They are a part of my childhood summers, my teen age pranks, and my children's summers. Now I can show my grandchildren the "magic" bugs. They are also the only 'bug' I will touch!

10. Ice cream. Yes, I know we can have ice cream in the winter, but nothing is as good as ice cream on a hot summer day.

Enjoy your summer!


  1. This is a really good list. I tend to think I hate summer, but I do like some of these things. Maybe I should do one just to remind myself that there are good things about summer...

  2. You are so right about the lightning bugs!! They are great. The kids could be out there every night doing their best to get them on the endangered insects lists. I will touch a lightning bug and a lady bug. That's IT!!

    Also, I could eat ice cream any place any time. Breakfast? Okay. But for me, summer is popsicles in bright colors and wonderful flavors. They aren't really satisfying in the winter because they give me the chills. Ice cream in the summer is good, but something about all that milk and sugar doesn't always satisfy me. When I do partake, it is usually mint chocolate chip!!