Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tile Battles

Well, it's been a long 'battle' with an uncertain outcome, but we finally agreed on bathroom floor tile!  Yeah!!!!

Jerry wanted small tiles and found this "weave" pattern.  He loved it.
I hated it

I wanted marble - in 16-inch squares.

His point was he wanted to create something interesting - a work of art - with the tiles and this could only be done with the smaller tiles.  My point was that it is a fairly small bathroom, with not a lot of open floor space and the little tiles would be too "busy."  He keeps telling me that I get one shot - he's not going to redo this house in 5 or 10 or 20 years, so I don't want anything that I can't change.  Tile is not something that I am willing to tackle by myself.  So my vision was a timeless, classic look of large tiles in a material/pattern that wouldn't get old - marble.  I also want to be able to add rugs; something you can't do if the floor has a focal point (unless you add them around the focal point, which we can't do because the floor is too small).

We went to some home improvement stores and looked at what they had for sale even though we both knew we weren't going to find anything we liked, much less that we could agree on.  We were right.  And we apologize to the couple who were laying their tile pattern out on the floor while we argued over large vs. small.  It was only after we were leaving that we noticed that you were using both of the tiles we were bashing.  I'm sure they will look very nice in your house!

Finally we were able to find a time to go to a real tile store.  We walked in and the first thing we saw was the little stuff.  Glass mosaics, ceramic mosaics, tiny mosaics, and the dreaded basket-weave mosaic.  The back of the store had the larger tiles for me, but it was a long walk.  We came across this - which made me cry.  
However, he did agree that this would be a little "busy" in our bathroom.  (I told you so!)

Just as we were about to give up, we found this.

Yes, I know it's on the wall here, but ours will be on the floor.  We both love the color, the pattern, it has both the small tile for him and the larger tile for me, and it also comes in other sizes that we plan to use on the shower walls.  But most importantly we both agreed instantly.  No arguing, no convincing, as soon as we saw it we knew that was the one.

It was a beautiful moment.


  1. Don't you just love those moments! They are so rare yet so memorable. Cherish it!

  2. Awww. I love it. And I think it will indeed be lovely. I'm so glad you all came to a consensus without bloodshed. :)

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