Friday, May 15, 2009

Wow!  What a week and am I ever glad that it is over!!!  My cell phone died - as in the white screen of death.  So I had to take 3 steps back and use an ancient phone until my new one arrived - which was Thursday night.  The bad part of my dead phone was that my son gave me a mini memory card, but since I didn't know how to use it, I just carried it around in the phone - empty.  So now, all of my photos and my ringtones are gone.  I miss my ringtones the most!  

The phone that I had was ok, but very, very basic.  It was extremely hard to text with it - well, hard for me because things like the space key was on a different button.  So texting took twice as long - and for me texting when I know what I'm doing takes a long time!  

Also, all of my phone numbers were saved on the dead phone, but backed up online.  However, the phone I was using couldn't access my online backup.  (So if I was supposed to call you and didn't, you now know why!)  Of course, this was the week I needed to call lots of people whose number I didn't have, but should have had.

My new phone finally arrived and guess what?  All the texting buttons for things like the space are on different buttons.  My phone numbers are back - but now I don't need to call anyone.   I have a choice between 4 ringtones.  They all sound the same to me, but I can't 'hear' any of them.  They are loud enough, they just don't sound like a ringtone, so I mostly ignore them.  So, it will be another week before I can learn all the new twists and get new tones loaded.  It's not that I don't like change - well, maybe I don't!

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  1. It's hard when your ringing phone doesn't sound like a ringing phone.