Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Art

My first class this year was a watercolor pencil with Tina Sue Norris. We explored different ways of putting color to the paper (multi media board) and how to move the color once it was there. It's hard to see in this scan, but the background is white trees, already stripped of all their fall leaves. I really like this medium and I love Tina Sue Norris as a teacher. She is so calm, so sharing, and so funny. As she says, you can't mess up because it is all fixable! My kind of project!!

We used drafting film as a palette - scribbling the pencil in a smal circle to transfer the pigment to the film, then picking the color up with a wet brush. This gave a nice wash to the leaves. After the wash dried a little detail was added with the pencil dirctly applied to the paper, then blended with a wet brush. The background was color washed, then the tree trunks were penciled in and blended. Very quick and easy, but really a nice detail.

My second class was a tiger-striped cat that has already been disposed of and will never be seen again. I did learn some things from that class and I will try again, but with my own techniques and style. This class and I just didn't see eye to eye.

I have more classes, but my scans have ended up in nowhere land and I can't seem to find them. I will continue this soon - I hope!

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