Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Why can't men find the trash can? My husband went on a rant this weekend because our son left his empty ramen noddle wrappers on the table after creating a midnight snack on Friday. He kept bringing it up all weekend..."The trash can is 3 FEET from the table! Why can't you just throw them in the trash can?"

This morning I tossed the empty toilet tissue roll in the trash can - since it was obvious that my husband wasn't going to - it has been on the counter for 2 days. (The trash can is under the tissue holder and the counter is across the room.) I also threw away his fast food foam cup that he brought in with him last night. Admittedly, I do not have a trash can in the living room where he left the cup, but he passed two on his way to bed. We won't talk about the empty Mt. Dew can on the front porch - I'm not quite sure who left it there, but I don't drink Mt. Dew. Or the vacuum cleaner that he decided was trash, but hasn't quite gotten to the curb. He did toss my toaster oven, with the promise he'd get me another one, because we had a small fire in it and the glass was smoked. (It's been 3 years now, I still don't have a new one.)

He does complain about the way I keep my car. But there is no trash in my car. Yes, there are things that need to be brought into the house, there are things I need to take into my office, things my grandchildren left, and there are things I might need Friday's football game if it rains or gets too cold. There is also my 4 folding, camp chairs that I have in there to safeguard. The last ones I had got into the house, then into his SUV, and then to a campout. The last I heard one had fallen into the camp fire and one was being fished out of the lake. He can keep them now - and I'm sure he will. He won't be able to find a trash can...

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  1. Yes, the invisible trash can is a mystery. Also a mystery in my house is the invisible laundry hamper...