Monday, September 28, 2009

The Things We Do For Out Kids

Friday is the big day of our week because it's football night! I could care less about the local college teams or any of the nearby professional teams, but high school football is entirely another story. You see my son is on that team and I live and breathe Cardinal football!

For example, this past Friday night - it had been a dark and gloomy day, with a forecast of rain in the early evening and then clearing. Now, I don't really like being outdoors (my husband tells
people that I hate grass), but what I really hate is being uncomfortable. I don't want to be too hot or too cold, but most of all I don't want to be wet!! Now I was prepared for rain - I had a jacket, 2 umbrellas, and a towel to wipe down the seats. We
waited until just before kickoff to arrive and the rain had stopped - or so we thought.

It was a nice evening - not too hot, not too cold - not too wet.
Until the 2nd quarter.
Then the rain started.
Nice and gentle at first.

We popped open the umbrellas and scooted close together. Everything was fine. Even our granddaughter was happy.

We stayed in our seats during half time because they were dry where we were sitting, but if we got up they wouldn't be dry any longer.

The third quarter started and the opposing team fumbled the ball. Our offense ran out and the coach finally put my son on the field! Yeah!!! Then we fumbled the wet ball and the offense (including my son) left the field. The opponents made one huge play and were within 20 yards of scoring a touch down. My son was sent out to play defense (which is what he wants to play). YEAH!!! They lined up, got into position - and the ref blew his whistle. Everyone stood up, looked at the officials and both teams, the benches, coaches, trainers, and water boys all started running off the field. Parents (who were all that was left in the stands) sat in the rain wondering what was going on. Finally, it was announced that lightening had been spotted and the game was delayed for 30 minutes. Well Lightening is a different matter and so, the parents reluctantly gave up their dry seats and headed for the shelter of the concession stand area. After 10 minutes, they called the game. 40-0 we won. Somehow the joy of a win was lost. My son missed his opportunity to play and I was wet from the knees down. yuk! This had better be the last of the rain this fall!!

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  1. There were jokes about boats, that's how much rain there was. Also, worst picture of me EVER!