Friday, November 19, 2010

5 Things I'm Grateful For

Jessi from "Notes From a Scattered Mind" posted today about un-ordinary things that she is grateful for.  So besides my husband, children, health, etc.  here is my list:
1.  Cell phones.  I have gone from not seeing why I would ever need one to never being without one.  Without them I would be lost when I have a sudden need to talk to my son in the middle of the day.  I wouldn't be able to call my daughter who just left my house and ask if the fire truck/ambulance/police are that is headed in her direction is coming for her.  I wouldn't be able to just let my husband know that I love him when he's knee-deep in some messy, dirty job that's he's doing because he has to.

2.  DVR's.  At last I can watch my craft shows, my HGTV, and my guilty pleasures when I want to.  That may happen at 3 am or at any other time of the day that I am lucky enough to be home alone and can wrap myself up in their goodness.

3.  My grandchildren.  I love both of my children, but let me tell you about my grandchildren....They are such a wonderment of life.  They will keep my young (unless I have to chase them very far or for very long) and I can't wait until their next visit (which, thankfully, is almost every day).

4.  The internet.  I love to sew, I love to paint, and I love most crafts.  What I hate is that no one in my local shopping area seems to share those interests.  While buying fabric on the internet is not my favorite way to shop, it's good to know that I still can.  I can also find items that my grandmother taught me to use but are no longer made because someone out there thinks, "I can sell this on e-bay!"  Thank you!

5.Daylight Savings Time.  It's gone now.  I miss it very much.  It gets very dark, very early.  I need some more sunlight.


  1. Oh, Daylight savings!! Real good point there.
    though it's nice that the sun comes up before 8:00...

  2. I can live without daylight savings, since before it came I was at work before the sun came up. I hate going to work in the dark.