Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Food

Cooking is not one of my strong points.  Well, my cooking is ok, I just don't do it.  I really like to cook - if someone else will please plan the meal, go to the grocery, and clean up the kitchen.  I am all in for the cooking.

However, since I don't cook often, when I do have to bring something to a potluck or family dinner, then I have to find something that is simple, fool-proof, and yet make everyone think I spent hours in the kitchen.  An easy solution to that is my new, favorite websites...The Pioneer Woman and her Tasty Kitchen ( site.

On the Pioneer Woman ( site, Ree blogs about life on the farm (really, big farm), photography, home, homeschooling and food.  Her recipes have the best step by step directions and photos of each step, which makes it so easy to see if I can do this - and if I'm doing it right!  Right now - Hurry!- she is giving away a wonder HP printer, so you can print the recipes and the step by steps.  Just follow this link to see how to enter.

The Tasty Kitchen site is interactive.  You can post your recipes there too.  This means that because someone put their name on it and put in on the internet, it must be a good recipe.  So I go there frequently to find something new and unusual.  You can also comment on the recipes so sometimes you can find alternatives to the method in the original recipe.  There is a way to save recipes in your "box" so you have them when you want to come back.

Check out these sites - there are several (like 3) giveaways going on right now.  I'm entering one just by posting this on my blog, but I really, really think you would like these sites.  So, go check them out!

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